Friday, March 14, 2014


Happy Friday! The weather has been gorgeous here in Vancouver: sunny, warm, and the cherry trees are going to be in blossom soon.

Tangent: it weird that I like non-leap-year Februaries because then March's calendar is identical to February's?

Here's the prompt for today:

It’s unnerving the first time you look into a mirror and don’t see your reflection.


  1. Actually I did last week’s prompt on my blog It’s been a tough week and now I have a head cold with too much I must do today Hope y’all ok

    1. Kudos to Sue for, yet again, combining my prompt with her weekly Blogophilia prompts.

      Here's the link to her piece :)

    2. that was quick - I checked you before the email

    3. Haha, well, with my arm this bad, typing it very painful right now, so since anything I type has to be short, I may as well do it quickly ;)