Friday, March 28, 2014

Emergency lights 2.0

Well, 5 ribs are now back in place, I'm pretty sore, but a heating pad really helps.

Now, here's my fast attempt at writing in a genre I'm not familiar with... so be kind.

150 words, and Alcar, this was kind of inspired by one of your recent comments...

On the other side of my eyelids buzzed the yellow glow of emergency lights, but it was not yet time to wake up. 

I’d know if it was.

Maybe it was from the buzz, maybe the lights, or maybe neither, but something clicked on in my head, and I woke.

Grey cement ceiling.

I sat up.

Grey cement walls.

I turned.

Rows of beds. Not beds, slabs. Not slabs… but they held bodies. Like mine, but asleep. As they should be. Not asleep, but not moving, some with wires, tubes, other things opened up while in stasis. Boxes everywhere. I didn’t know this place.

“Argh, not again!”

I rotated towards the voice. 

An obese man in a blue overalls tapped a plate by the door and spoke into it. “Get tech support to the return centre. Another idiot customer forgot to pull the battery before mailing in their faulty droid.” 


  1. Only fair we should inspire at times in turn :). I liked the slow reveal of it, the feel it could be any genre until the 'not again!'

    1. Well, I figure flash fiction is the perfect place to dabble in unfamiliar genres... and I don't know enough about sci-fi stuff to ever write more than a flash fiction story :p

  2. ...and here's the link to Sue's ;)