Monday, April 28, 2014

Promises 2.0

I know, I know... 3 days late, and not much to show for it.

I wrote this 50 word story while on the phone, in about 2-3 minutes. I wish very much I had had more time to write something better, but this extreme lateness has made me decide to go dark for the month of May until the convention is over.

I don't want to make promises I can't keep, and right now, the convention has to take priority.

So, here's my last flash fiction for a while.

“It’s almost over,” he said, which didn’t quite sound like a promise.

Squinting against the feverish light, the salt of sweat, chemicals, and metallic taint was suffocating.

His hands were at my throat, the whir of torturous machines jackhammering at my ears.

Water sloshed my lips.

“Rinse,” the dentist said.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Okay, I honestly have no idea where I'll be today, and when I'll have a chance to write this flash fiction piece (I'm actually pre-posting this sentence on Thursday since I have a free moment right now).

I have... oh my goodness, so much in my brain right now... I got heavily scolded by my massage therapist & physiotherapist on Tuesday for the state of my rotatory cuff/shrink-wrapped fascia in my arm/etc, and am crazy stressed from a multitude of things that I'm not going to get into.

Well, here's the sentence prompt for today, and as I promised last week, I swear I won't do an animal thing/twist this time around :)


“It’s almost over,” he said, which didn’t quite sound like a promise.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Masks 2.0

Okay, I lied... I swore I'd spend more than 6 minutes writing my flash fiction piece today, but it was more like 4 minutes.

50 word story!


He wore a mask. 

Dressed in grey, creeping through the garden gate. 

An evening trespass.

Avoiding the lit path.

Across the Japanese styled bridge.

To the waters edge.

Titan growls at my side, hackles raised.

I open the door.

Titan bays, runs, chases.

The racoon flees.

My koi remain safe.


It's Good Friday today, for those who celebrate. I actually had a different prompt picked out for today, but considering the holiday, I considered it bad taste so you'll see it sometime in the future instead.

I've been out working on convention related stuff this week, and set to spend most of next week on similar tasks... it's coming up fast, but things seem to be coming along.

So, this is a... slightly convention-related prompt for today... enjoy!

He wore a mask. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ham 2.0

Six minutes, 100 words, haven't even finished my coffee :)

...sometimes it's fun to go silly ;)

If you ask me why I did it, I can only say it was because of the devilled ham.

Door-to-door salesmen are the worst. They ring the doorbell when you’re running late, or towel-clad and wet from the shower. They spiel dreck about “changing your life!” as they peddle vacuum cleaners, knives, cookies, and religion.

Each hungry, aggressive salesman wears down another layer of patience and civility, so when that cocky wolf stood there this morning, can you blame me for reaching for the kindling axe?

You should never try to sell devilled ham to a pig.


Okay, this is kind of a goofy line today... probably because I'm incredibly overtired and I have a strange sense of humour. Combine the two, and my brain has no filter.

I hope you have fun with it :)

(this is the 13th FFF by the way!)

If you ask me why I did it, I can only say it was because of the devilled ham.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Midnight blinds 2.0

After nearly two weeks of stasis (flu, then my ribs being out) and not really eating, I kinda went stir-crazy today.

After breakfast, I shot out to the grocery store, and then spent almost 4 hours straight in the kitchen making a tomato-based pasta sauce with roasted veggies and chunks of stewing beef, so after it cooks for several hours, everything will be tender and delicious.

Then I marinated trout in red wine, added garlic, fresh rosemary, peppercorns, and slices of orange. Going to cook that soon and see how it tastes since I just made up the recipe as I went, just like the pasta sauce recipe.

The sauce is still simmering on low, I'm a big believer in good sauce taking about 5-8 hours to make.

So, that's the reason I'm posting my flash fiction piece so late... and here it is, 200 words:

Around midnight, I creep to the window and peek through the blinds. My feet are cold, my throat dry. It’s hard not to breathe, not to create a cloud of condensation that might be seen on the glass of the unlit room.

The rusted blue pick-up truck is still parked under the broken street lamp. 

It was there earlier when I went to bed, someone lurking in the front seat, blurred and unsavoury under the night sky. Though the figure doesn’t move, I know it’s not a shadow or an abandoned coat draped over the seat. I can feel the eyes, the stare, calculating and intense with purpose.

Even if they have a reason to be here, I don’t trust them. Strangers.

Paranoia is born in the dark, where you can’t see, when you can only imagine, and every moment of guilt oozes into the next and explodes like cancer until you’re slick with fear.

I realize I’m flexing my back, legs taut, adrenaline tugging me onto my toes. 

Fight. Flee. 


Then there’s a gentle voice, calling me back to bed.

I glance again at the truck, then hop off the windowsill with a lash of my tail.

Midnight blinds

Sorry, late posting this morning, I know :) Pesky ribs are still trying to pull away from my spine and sleeping last night was... difficult.

Since last week, all the ornamental cherry trees in Vancouver have burst into bloom, and are already dropping their petals in small, pink flurries.

Here's the line for this morning :)

Around midnight, I creep to the window and peek through the blinds.