Friday, April 11, 2014


Okay, this is kind of a goofy line today... probably because I'm incredibly overtired and I have a strange sense of humour. Combine the two, and my brain has no filter.

I hope you have fun with it :)

(this is the 13th FFF by the way!)

If you ask me why I did it, I can only say it was because of the devilled ham.


  1. I agree that's a strange one - devil in the ham? Devil playing a ham? Can't wait to see what you come up with

    1. Thought it would be fun to mix it up a little this week :)

      By the way, I am reading your A-Z, but I never really have comments when it's poetry since that's pretty far out of my zone ;) Nice imagery though, as usual.

  2. well they're not all poetry - maybe -

  3. Silly Alcar posted his on one of my previous posts... if you want to read his, go here: